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    Stockcar Heat - Rules / Information / Downloads / Help

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    Stockcar Heat - Rules / Information / Downloads / Help

    Post  dsalnis S14 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:33 am

    To get on the password list you must:

    1. Prove to senior drivers and admin that you have the right attitude by racing to the rules on the weekend

    2. If you are then nominated for the password list by a senior driver/admin in the nomination thread, you will be invited to attend the newbie nights (and will gain a Teamspeak account)

    3. If you continue to prove that you have the right attitude, you will then be added to the password list

    4. You will then be eligible for any leagues

    You will also need a working microphone and Teamspeak (in the download thread)

    If you are not on the password list, you are not eligible for leagues. You will only be invited to newbie nights if you have been nominated by a senior driver or admin for having a good attitude and racing to the rules.

    Newbie Night Rules & Drivers List:

    If you have been nominated for Newbie Night doesn't necessarily mean you are on Newbie Night. There will be a selection process and if selected you will need to send your registered online name, real name, age, real email address, home or cell phone (physical address is optional) to Me. If you have any problems with that, you can PM me.

    When you are selected to race on Newbie Night you will have a Team Speak account created for you and your login will be sent to you. All people racing Heat that are wanting a Team speak account set up will now have to send the request by PM to Heatadmin and NOT Inspector. This takes time to sort out so if it is not set up straight away do not send heaps of PMs about it or the account will not be set up for you.

    Newbie Night Rules:
    1 All Drivers Must Have TeamSpeak with Working Mics and Be on for Roll Call at 7.05pm Tues Night
    2 All drivers will line up for standing starts in AI grids, unless requested otherwise. Gridding will be done in a respectable manner.
    3 There will be NO attacking other drivers (this includes hitting of stationary cars, right turning from a stationary position on the pole line/to take another car out, waiting to intentionally block another car and running a car full steam off the straight)
    4 Using another car in front as brakes to go into corners will not be tolerated.
    5 No wall riding (using wall to get around the corner).
    6 All drivers will take care not to pull out in front of oncoming traffic when turning around.
    7 Cutting of the grass is also forbidden (drivers putting wheels onto the grass to attack another driver).
    8 Space barring off the wall is forbidden.
    9 There will be no talking during racing.
    10 All racing will be in a anti-clockwise direction.
    1 All drivers will register on KiwiSimRacing before racing.
    12 There will be no abuse of any member at any time - while in servers, forums, TeamSpeak, MSN, etc.
    13 Broken Wheels/Blown Engine - During the race if either of these happen to you, you MUST pull off the track right away and remain in that spot. Unless you have taken the white flag with this damage you may continue to finish the race.

    Note: Failure to abide rules and instruction from admin will result in exclusion.

    Drivers List: (all agreed to rules).

    Newbie Night Nominations:

    Thread Rules:
    1 Only Password list drivers may nominate drivers and post comments in here.
    2 Driver must of been racing for at least three or four weekends on the 24/7 server before being eligible for nomination and registered on the KSR forum for at least 4 weeks.
    3 Please do not post thanking drivers for a nomination.
    4 If you feel a driver does not deserve to be on here then make a constructive post giving a reason (or reasons) why, so that the driver can read, work on and improve.
    5 Any rubbish or off-topic posts will be removed.
    6 Do not re-nominate drivers that have appeared on the nomination list (see here for nomination list).
    7 Do not nominate drivers that are currently on stand down periods.

    Let the nomination's begin...

    After discussion with other forum admins and moderators it has been decided to reduce the allowed size and dimensions of images in forum signatures.

    This decision has been made for a number of reasons not the least of being the amount of bandwidth that page after page full of image signatures chews up not only on our "FREE" hosting server, but also for individuals who also have to download your images when viewing the forum.
    We as a SIM community do not see the need for these images when "signing your name" and the reduction in size is in fact a comprimise to the alternative of removing the ability to have them at all, which may still happen in the near future.

    Signature rules now are:

    1. Five lines of text (this includes spaces)


    2. An image no bigger than 15kb and 200 wide x 50 high (pixels)


    3. An image no bigger than 10kb and 200 wide x 30 high (pixels) and 1 line of text (no spaces)


    4. Offical DTSR Speedway Award Bar Usage
    a. 3 Awards bars and no lines of text.
    b. 2 Awards bars and 1 line of text.
    c. 1 Awards bar and 2 lines of text.

    There are exceptions to these rules, for example the GTL Ranking banner you can use as your sig and other such images and these will be viewed on a case by case basis.

    Also individuals who have links with forum and league sponsorship or who make special contributions to this community will be given exemptions on request to this rule, for example staff members of InSPire Net, VR Concepts and people like Dsalnis Inc., Prometheus (SimTV) etc.

    These rules take effect immediately so please adjust or remove any offending signatures as soon as you are able. From Monday 12th March any signatures not meeting the requirements will be removed.

    Heatadmin have made the following clarifications to 24/7 racing:

    The server will not be reset for any reason except for situations where the HeatAdmin are unable to monitor the server.
    Please do not post, txt, phone or private message any of the HeatAdmin team, asking when the server is to be reset or to reset the server

    Any forum posts displayed about being booted / complaints will be deleted as soon as possible.
    Any issues regarding this must be directed to HeatAdmin via PM personally and not across the board.

    If the server tells you that you are kicked, then you either have:
    1. Been booted for poor driving (by not abiding to the server rules) by an admin member.
    2. Someone in the same IP range as you has been booted from the server and has taken you with them as well, meaning you cannot join the server.
    3. Been booted for using abusive language by an admin member.
    4. Been booted for talking during a race by an admin member.

    Unfortunately there is nothing at this stage that we can do about about the second issue this so please do not post on the forum or private message us asking why it says you have been kicked.

    If you see the kicked message, you will not be able to get into the server until the 12 hour kick time has finished.

    With connections becoming a problem online (and quite a few league drivers having trouble with thiers), I have decided to put up a thread containing ways to reduce your ping level and have a cleaner connection online.

    You might already have/do what is in this thread but one of these things is usually not enough. Just closing out of all the windows doesn't stop programs that hide in the Notification Area or ones that run in the background (such as Spyware).

    Following the steps below will reduce the chances of your car ghosting, warping or being solid:

    1. Select "56k Modem" as your connection speed.
    No matter whether you use a dialup modem or have an unlimited broadband connection you must select 56k Modem. The games netcode is old and can not cope with sending packets to your computer at full speed and a dialup user at a slow speed and so if just one person has anything greater than 56k modem selected you are creating lag on the server and everyone suffers because of it.

    Everyone must select 56K Modem as your connection speed.

    2. Close out of all applications in the Task Bar and Notification Area.
    This might seem obvious but so many people don't bother with it.

    3. Make sure there aren't any hidden proccesses running.
    Ctrl+Alt+Delete and a the program EndItAll will help with this.

    4. Make sure a virus/spyware scan has been done in the last few days.
    Also seems obvious but the programs can be easily forgotten about.

    5. Disable any system scans (CPU Usage suckers) that are running (or will run) during the time you are racing online.
    Just checking applications that must stay open for times of scans and either changing or removing the time.

    6. Reboot your computer and then run all these steps before going online.
    Rebooting can get rid of things that the other steps do not and allow a fresh CPU.

    7. Turn down the level of graphics in Options -> Graphics.
    Your computer might struggle to run the game on full detail so taking the graphics down a bit can greatly increase the performance of the game.

    8. Turn off other computers using your connection if they aren't in use.
    They will still be using part of the connection even when they are idle by checking for software updates, spyware searching round (if you haven't cleaned your computer), etc. so turning them off will mean your computer will get 100% of the modem's speed.

    9. If you use Ethernet, it is best to use a 'Catergory Six Ethernet' cable or a 'Plated' cable.

    10. If you have sky, take the phone cord out of it's jack while playing online.
    This would cause problems similar to having other computers running and using the phoneline.

    AntiSpyware Programs:

    Ad-Aware SE - Ad-Aware Personal provides advanced protection from known data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, and tracking components.
    Website | Download HERE (2.8MB)

    Spybot: Search & Destroy - Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn't intentionally install.
    Website | Download HERE (4.9MB)

    AntiVirus Programs:

    AVG: Anti Virus - AVG Free for Windows is a free anti-virus protection tool developed by Grisoft for home use.
    Website | Download HERE (16.4MB)

    Hijack This - Tool that is useful when dealing with serious spyware infections.
    Website | Download HERE (208KB)

    There are alot of other AntiVirus Programs out such as Norton, McAfee, etc. but they are the higher quality pay programs.

    Other Programs/Utilities:

    EndItAll - Closes or kills unwanted/unecessary programs.
    Website | Download HERE (654KB)
    or Enditall2 Download Here

    There are other useful programs that I have not put in my post so if you PM me with a short description, website for the program and a download link I will add it in.

    Thank You,
    Dsalnis Sleep

    P.S- sorry its so long but we want you to know what you are doing. confused

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