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    New Zealand Modified Heat Download

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    New Zealand Modified Heat Download

    Post  dsalnis S14 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:37 am

    New Zealand Modified Heat 2006:

    Modified Heat 2006:

    Included in the patch:
    13 drivers from the 05-06 season (click here for the list)
    5 chassis (Fox, Haigh, Jensen, Lovelady, Muzza)
    2 racing tyre brands - Hoosier (yellow, gray, red, blue, white, chrome, black) and Goodyear (yellow, red, white)
    Dirtnz's setups (as at 21/12/06)
    Menu Screens

    Discuss the MOD here.
    Download HERE! (38.2MB)

    Note: This MOD is not a simulation - it is not designed to, nor does it reflect realistic lap times around the NZ tracks. This mod is was made purely for fun in mind. There is no suspension damage due to the fact that online racing in a non contact class but still can contain a lot of contact so to avoid all the moaning, etc this has not been implemented.

    Special thanks to:
    Jason Fisher (Fishy96R) - Without him these thing would not even exist. Jason made the original base chassis which has been used and altered to make the various chassis in this MOD. So to you Jason, thanks very much!

    Painkiller - This guy has been a big help to Dirt also as if it wasn't for him, he may have never got the chassis off Jason Fisher to begin with. So thanks Painkiller!

    Mike Jackson - Many of you wont have a clue who this guy is but he is the creator of the American based Dirt MOD from 'Diamond Racing Team' (DRT Editing). He kindly gave his permission for Dirt to use his wheels and dashboard texture in this MOD. So thanks Mike!

    Thank You,
    Dsalnis cheers

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