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    New To DTSR Motor Racing [READ FIRST]

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    New To DTSR Motor Racing [READ FIRST]

    Post  dsalnis S14 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:40 am

    Well hello and welcome. You've reached the DirtTrackSimRacing site.

    It's a place to race, find info and enjoy the fun of online racing.

    So, what happens here ? Most nights of the week have organised racing, it's a case of choosing your type of racing and then the game that you have.

    The main game raced here is rFactor. There's also Nascar Heat stock car racing, Grand Prix Legends, Nascar 2003 from Papyrus, Flatout 2 and Test Drive Unlimited.

    Our races are generally run with set rules, a committee of volunteers to oversee everything - select tracks, hand out any penalties if required, tally points, etc.

    rFactor can be purchased here. VRConcepts are one of the site sponsors and they have available rFactor on cd - you can also purchase it via a download at http://www.rfactor.net

    This game with free mods (modifications) like V8's, or F1, Nascar, Stock Cars - the list is endless. And so are the tracks - real life circuits from around the world like Pukekohe, Bathurst, or Brands Hatch, or basically any track you can think of. Most of the mods can be downloaded from rFactor Central but some can also be found locally, thanks to our sponsor, InspireNet.

    Leagues are popular, and the server can have a maximum of only 40 drivers, so it pays to sign up quickly. Preference is given to drivers who have raced in previous leagues.


    NZ Porsche Carrera Cup 2007 League
    Tuesday nights, with variable weather, new tracks, 100% damage. Details and sign ups are here.

    NZ NASCAR League
    Nascar's back baby ! Wednesday nights. Details and sign ups are here.

    Historic GT TC-65 League
    New to Tuesday nights, it was the classic cars of the Historic GT TC-65 League. Classic racing cars from the 60's, slide into your leather seat and listen to the Beatles while driving. This league has now finished.

    Tuesdays, this league has now finished.

    Summer Series Racing
    Tuesdays, this league has now finished.

    GT Legends
    Sundays, signups are here please, although the series is raced outside of DTSR.

    Nascar Heat Stock Cars can be downloaded here. That forum is better suited to help out if you have any questions, wish to sign up to a league, etc.

    Grand Prix Legends from Papyrus is also a little difficult to track down - try TradeMe, there is an original boxed version from Sierra and also a version in a plastic case from Sold Out Software. However, most GPL tracks raced on-line can be downloaded and added to the downloadable GPL 2004 demo, so a CD copy of the game is not essential. For more information check the RSC GPL forums.

    Flatout 2 can be purchased here from VRConcepts. Based in Palmerston North, they have a wide range of games, accessories, sponsor races and have great service. So check them out.

    Nascar 2003 from Papyrus is very difficult to track down. Try TradeMe or EBay (but a warning, some EBay copies are selling for over US$100, which is crazy).


    Gaming servers are hosted free of charge with Inspire, and they also host Teamspeak, which we use for voice communication. Have a look at the forum closer to race time, there will be server details, passwords, etc.

    rFactor - - password protected
    TeamSpeak Server -


    Well add a game, a touch of Teamspeak, a wheel and preferably broadband, put a beer (or a glass of wine next to you), recline in your race seat and have some fun.

    Dsalnis cheers

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